About Us

We Are a Global Commercial Tenant Representation Firm

With over 100+ veteran and licensed commercial real estate Tenant Representative Brokers in our network located throughout the world - FOR THE TENANT has only one core focus – to exclusively help your company find and secure the most optimally available business space that best fits your company’s needs, price, terms and timing, at the lowest cost possible – in any city!

Our team of seasoned Tenant Rep professionals have successfully completed over 150+ million square feet of Office, Industrial, Manufacturing and Retail transactions over the last 20+ years, representing tens of billions of dollars in combined transaction value. Many prior client assignments have been with tech companies, law firms, banks, logistics companies, startups and Fortune 500 companies alike – all looking for commercial space at the best terms possible!

FOR THE TENANT brokers is able to do this by making all possible landlord “candidates” compete for your business by making them compete -- against each other -- to win your business.

Because our brokers do not have ANY commercial real estate listings (or represent any landlords), we have NO CONFLICTS OF INTEREST in making all of them compete for your next location (or renewal if the case).

Bottom line -- It’s a very simple business equation and decision to make for your company:

  • LISTING Brokers (most firms) = Represent Landlord Interests (seeking highest rents possible, toughest lease terms with least concession package possible).
  • TENANT Brokers (like FTT) = Exclusively Represent Tenants’ Interest Only (seeking the lowest rents possible, flexible contractual terms and maximum concession packages).

Hence our tagline – When Landlords Compete, Tenants Save!

Shall we get started today?